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I need a cover!

So I'm nearly finished with my book, a the teen fiction story. I'll be self publishing with www.lulu.com and everything will be put together nicely. But I have a major problem. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A COVER! I've decided on how i want the cover to look but I have no means of actually designing it. I've seen programs and other stuff that is gonna cost me alot, and I can't do those so...if anyone knows of a program or something where I can design a cover please let me know!!

So this is the very first draft of the very first chapter of my very first serious story that I plan on publishing :). Again there isn't a title for it yet, but it's basically about the lives of 6 seniors in highschool who all have a huge dilemma on their hands, fall in and out of love,and struggle to overcome the obstacles thrown at them. All of these people's lives are connected in someway. There's the former Slutty School Queen, the clingy lover girl, the play boy, the basketball star, the musician, and the vengeful emo guy. You kinda have to read it to get it, so please tell me what  you think please, thanks for reading!! :)

Quick First Post

 So um, this is just a really quick post  just to say what I'm about basically. I'm 14 and I'll be 15 next month. I'm an aspiring writer and musician (hence the name) and I have some goals I wanna reach before I graduate highschool. I want to learn how to play the acoustic (im just a beginner) and continue to get better on the piano. I also want to self-publish my first book before I graduate. Preferably by next year, actually. I write ALOT, but I could never find I story I liked enough to finish it to the end, until now anyway. I have a story that's nearly halfway finished, a planned sequel to it, and a poetry project that supposed to be finished by the end of the year. So yeah those are my goals, along with finding the perfect gril, doing great on the SATs, and getting into a cool college :). I'll be posting alot of my writing here, mostly haikus and exeprts from my story. hope you like it.